Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i .... i .... i don't Have One

iPad 3 has already been designed and created. It contains 2560x1920 pixels, which is 5 to 6 times more refined than iPad 2.

At this point, where at the same time iPhone 5 is allegedly coming on its way, it's an embarrassment to say that i do not really have an i-product. Never touched an iTouch, touched iPhones a couple of times, even iPod seems distant to me. Oh yeah, i won a iPod Shuffle as a prize, but that's not really an "i", it's more like a "Mini-mee". Hmmm, i use iTune quite often, but it's a software installed in my PC by nature.

No, i have not bit that apple yet. There are a few reasons. First, i am a loyal PC (so lame, i know); second, i am not technologically advanced, a phone is a phone, texting is what i do maximally with it; third, i was waiting for "i" to finally settle down for good. When will these numbers reach their ceiling? It will not be eco-friendly to toss away an iPhone 1 for its latest generation, but can we still take bragging rights for being a savvy if "i" is a great-great-great grandpa? My ultimate plan is to wait passively for a hybridized creation. When a pad can be used as a phone, or when a phone becomes a bigger pad. That's when "i" and i will become as one.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Little Pine Nut

I am thinking: what should I write for my very first article? Of course, nothing is more worthy than this little fluffy stuffed animal of mine.

This is an old picture of my dog when he was young. At the time, we thought we should just love him for how God has created him. He is who he is. There was never a thought of trimming his hair. He walked by faith, not by sight. As you can see, he already reached his full size in this picture, never had a hair cut.

Then, one day, I saw pictures of Shih-Tzu beauty queens looking as fancy and fabulous as the following:

We started to search for his eyes with a pair of scissor. Then BANG! We saw the most beautiful pair of crystal eyes in all the universe. Along the way, we found a nose too. It looks like a prune.

From that to this, you must give credit to the hands that make miracles. woo-hoo!

When you live with someone for eight years, you can finally make some kinda of realization. According to my daily observation by looking into the soul of these eyes, I begin to wonder, maybe, maybe this thing is a human trapped in a dog's body, or a genetically mutated human. He thinks the same, because he lives in the household like no body owns him.

For other narcissistic dog owners like me, maybe we should all embrace the idea that our dog is beyond a dog. Yes, totally. In this context, I refuse to call him "HeiHei". This name is too "petty". From now on, I will refer him by his officially registered name --- Hense Xia.

Oh for sure, there are more stories of Hense in the future. Come back!