Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tips from a Dedicated Pet Owner

The other day, a computer geek came to my home to fix my computer. The first thing he said as he walked into the door was: "this must be an old dog." How dare him saying my dog is old, saying anything bad about my dog is equally offensive as saying I am fat. Through my rosy glasses, everything about him is beautiful. I am one of those dog owners that is as crazy as a "cat lady". This year, Heihei is turning 10 years old, times by 7, he is a young senior. Objectively speaking, he is a fairly healthy dog. The only time he needed medical attention was when he had a pimple in a very sensitive area. I guess the only obvious sign of aging is his grey hair and his lack of interest toward a food-less stranger.

Yes, I think my dog is a healthy senior. I am writing this entry because I just had an epiphany these past few days. You see, we feed him human food all the way along. We also buy dog chow, but only if he still feels hungry. When I closely examined the dog chow, I saw no resemblance of its original ingredient. I went as far and as dedicated as tasting them. They had the texture and taste of a crunchy Cheetos went South. If you look at their expiration date, you will find that they can last for as long as two years. There must be tons of preservatives in them. It is akin to us eating canned or frozen food every day. Still not convincecd? Just look at the poop they make, the dryness, the gray color, the ashy texture, does that look like a healthy, juicy piece of shit to you?  I think the fact that they claim dogs should eat chows only is because it is a very profitable industry. On the other hand, when we feed our dog our food, we always give him lots of vegetable and fruit. I am now confirmed that dogs are omnivore?! He goes banana over cucumbers. However, my dog was raised this way since the beginning. Many dogs cannot digest fresh food because their body is used to chows.

Just a little thought that I think is interesting to put up here. Here is a recent shot of my Heihei. Tell me he ain't an old fart.