Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Dreamed A Dream

Dreams, I have them often. Some of them are totally meaningless and ridiculous. Some of them are as dramatic as a scene in a movie. I almost wish I could stay sleeping till I see the ending. Then, there is this type of dream. It's is so real. It is so beautiful. I would ask myself in the dream:" this is not a dream, is it? Somebody pinch me." Of course, it did not hurt. I'd wake up hoping that my dream will come true one day.

Just two weeks ago, I got a very special gift in the form of a dream. In my dream, I was holding my newborn baby. She's a girl, chubby and mostly Asian. Her features were clearly defined. I could sketch out exactly how she looks like. It was a dream in which all of my senses were activated. Not only I saw her, I remembered how it felt like to touch her, smell her and kiss her. Then, I put her back in her cradle and just watching her sleep. She was smiling and having a beautiful dream herself.  In her presence, nothing else mattered. This wonderful creature had the power of turning heaven and earth.

I woke up in the morning, still trying to hold on to that blissful feeling as it was quickly fading. I could not immediately recall where I was and what day of the week I was in. I thought about that dream all morning long. It changed me. Prior to that night, I never thought of having a child in real life. It'd take as much effort as moving a mountain. It was amazing to possess something that is too luxurious for my reality.

I prayed and thanked God for that special gift. It gave me a chance to behold a child who would never grow out of my dream. Then, something else happened. I was not spoken to, but I was let known that "she is possible."