Wednesday, October 14, 2015

i. . . i. . . i kinda have it

the cutest pineapple... like ever!

In August, Samsung sponsored a Para Pan Am outing. At one point, my colleague dropped her brand new IPhone on the floor, she picked it up brokenheartedly and dusted it with tender mercy. The Samsung manager commented:" not a big deal, it's just an iPhone." Then he whispered sheepishly:" half of our employees use iPhone."

Since my last post on this topic, a lot has happened. I got an iPhone 4s in 2013. After tasting its sweet Apple juice, I immediately bought an iPad mini. We became as one. Due to my Scrabble addiction, mini-me has gone to e-heaven and recently my iPhone has ran out of storage. Every time I want to take a new picture I have to delete stuff from my gallery. Now, other than pictures of my dog, a few extreme selfies and the cutest pineapple I found in Dole's plantation, I basically have no other types of picture in my phone. I need a new one.

But what really prompted me to upgrade my phone was an incident happened two weeks ago. It was a karaoke contest on the night of the Moon's festival. I confess, lately I have been starving for attention. Anyway, we were there in the afternoon for rehearsal. When it was time to eat before the show began, most people pulled out their phone and started to look really busy. By the way, I could never be on my phone for more than 15 mins without running out of stuff to do. Were people intentionally wanting to avoid interaction with their fellow contestants? Good idea, I was inspired to pull out mine, but all of the sudden, I felt ashamed of my phone. Everyone was on iPhone 6. Surprisingly, I was feeling confident showing up with a mobility device, but my communication device made me insecure because it was outsmarted by its grandchildren. I secretly turned my phone to silence, the worst thing that could happen is if Granny begins to nag. Then, I turned to a contestant who is a middle age woman, I began a half-hearted conversation with her before I bored the hell out of her and she pulled out her iPhone6. I retrieved to eating for the rest of the break. The contest was taking place at a vegetarian restaurant, I have decided to never becoming a vegetarian.

When it was my turn to sing, I needed to plug my phone into the stereo system. I took it out of its robotic cover and it actually looked like an iPhone 5. So that went well. Anyway, like the rest of the people who were short of the podium, I went home with a box of mooncake --- vegetarian mooncake.

Today is the last day I am using my iPhone 4s. I am typing this post with it to commemorate this historical day. Now that iPhone 6s is finally finally out, I am finally finally getting an iPhone 5. #refuse2grumble